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Maaay Terrrrm!
 Sooo, I should have been working on homework for the last hour but I decided to talk to Emily again.  Fail Boat.

May Term has been fine - I am always tired, though.  I feel that perhaps I should go to bed now and not worry about starting my exegesis for Spiritual Nurturer...  They are due on Monday but I am a lazy pants and probs won't start until later.  I am hopeful that I will do them tomorrow but we shall see.

I spent a lot of money at Jewel today but I needed (almost) everything I bought.

Turkey sandwich for lunch tomorrow - WIN!

Spaghetti and meat sauce tomorrow night - DOUBLE WIN!

Living in the apartment has been fun so far.  As mentioned, I go to bed too late every evening and get up super early for 8 AM class.  I fall asleep in class all the time.  It saddens me.  I do not like falling asleep in class.  We have a test on Monday.  I am a little nervous but... I think it'l be fine.  Who knows.

OH!  I GOT A JOB!  I am working for Human Resources at the desk.  I will be the secretary.  I believe I am getting $8.75 an hour, which is pretty good for me.  I'm not complaining.  I start real work tomorrow - Wednesday was training day but tomorrow (today, actually) is the real deal, by myself, 12 (maybe?) to 4:30.  I think I should make it noon.  Michael was trying to reason with me that if I took too long to go to work I would waste time.  I WOULD NOT.  Still, I don't mind going in at noon.  I'll have enough time to make a sandwich, grab a drink and an apple sauce, maybe, and head to work.  I will see how it goes.

OT: I will eventually become good at shopping at the grocery store.  I promise.

Also, I can't click things and I am sort of pissed about that.  I feel like this is all for nothing and that BOTHERS ME IMMENSELY.


I will come to edit you laters... once I've removed the battery and junk.


I am for realsies goin' to bed.  Loves!!!  :P

Writer's Block: Sheldon and Penny 4ever!
Fanfiction: Do you love it or hate it, or are you totally indifferent? Why?

I used to ADORE fanfiction.  I still read it like... every few months but I used to be obsessed with it.  I also wrote some, although not very good (well, they were okay but SERIOUSLY not the best...)

I love it because it can be a continuation of a storyline that ended or a pairing that never happened that you wanted (I'm thinking Harry/Hermione, here...  Loved it.)  I also loved the prequel ones because it was just so much fun to speculate things.




Writer's Block: Forget me not
What is your earliest vivid memory? Why do you think this memory stands out so much in your mind?

I recall being very little (I would say three) and probably playing in the dining/sewing/Megan room when the phone rings.  Being the curious little bugger I was, I ran into the kitchen to see who was on the phone.  My mom answers the phone and I just stand there watching her take the call and she gets really upset.  She starts crying, says some words to whoever was on the other end, and then says goodbye.  I just awkwardly stand there and watch her and she sits on a kitchen chair by the phone crying.  I clearly remember thinking to myself "Mommy seems really upset.  How can I make her feel better?  I think I will let her hug me - maybe that will make her feel better."  And I go over and stand by her so she'll stop crying.  I let her hug me for a looooooong time but, since she's crying, it's okay because I wanted her to feel better and stop.

My mom tells me now that her grandfather had died and that was in 1989.  I would have been two years old.  That's pretty young!  Shortly after that, I remember the visitation of him because I took a bucket of toys with me and sat on the floor playing for most of the time there.  I also remember playing at my cousin's house in Jefferson City in the sandbox and with the dogs.  I remember so many childhood things from when I was super little.  Ridiculous...



 So, I should be sleeping but I'd rather be posting here because it's nice to be writing again...  Also, I'm a little paranoid that the mouse is back.  Sarah texted me earlier tonight telling me that she thought the mouse was in her room now.  I think I heard something in the walls...  OR it's in Jac-Jac's room...  OR it's the AC...  OR it's the fridge...  OR it's the rain...

It's probably the mouse.

Why do they always appear right when things get stressful?  I just cannot understand it.  They seem to have a sense of when we are the most panicked and add to it by making their presence known.

I was in the mood to talk about my evening earlier but now I'm just sort of tired/not really wanting to talk about the Heritage Chorale concert and missing the Arties and whatnot.

I feel like there's more I want to talk about but I don't really want to???  Does that make sense????  I think I just need to get to sleep, actually.  :P

Night, friends...  :)

Writer's Block: Question everything.
Do you often feel that random people ask you a lot of questions? Has anyone ever tried to ask you a lot of questions all at once? When people ask you a lot of questions all at once, do you ignore some of the questions? In those cases where someone asks you a load of questions, do you consider all the questions as one question, or maybe think of them as individual questions? After a lot of questions, if someone asks you to explain your answer, does that count as another question? Explain your answer.

I shouldn't have clicked on this but you know, this is what you get when you procrastinate.

I recently created an account at (there I go, whoring myself again ;) ) because a whole bunch of people were doing it on facebook and I was curious what people thought of me. Really, that's the main reason I got it. It's a little vain but I also was curious what people wondered about me, if at all, or if they'd just tell me something to be friendly or whatnot. WRONG.

The first three were random, pretty sure, from the question thinger so you'd have something to respond to right away and not get depressed about waiting for questions. Most of the questions have been the same sort of question/all from the same anonymous person who actually asked me why I've ignored them. I responded to that one and... I have left most of the questions unanswered. I will not buckle! I am trying to think up witty responses to some of the questions but it's a little challenging. I just thought of a way to respond to one and it'll answer the question effectively enough for my tastes.

ALSO, I just realized why this is an amusing question and that makes me feel like I've answered it to my liking. :P

It's been a while! I was going to post like, three hours ago but I decided to play OREGON TRAIL instead! Just so you know, a year ago, that link didn't work for macs BUT NOW IT DOES. It wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be, though, because it is IMPOSSIBLE to hunt properly! I really thought more people would have died but only one person died and they died because I RAN INTO THE RIVERBANK. That's pretty good! I also made it on the top 10 board!!! I think I was like, fourth or fifth? Pretty dece, gotta say.

Since the chances of people reading this are very few, I won't go into how my semester has been and what not. It's been rough, tbh. I'm just about done and I, hopefully, can make it to May Term unscathed. Well, I will have quite a few battle wounds but they shouldn't be fatal!

Speaking of wounds, I found a bruise on my hip today! It was surprising but I suddenly had a reason why my side was hurting... Silly me, who looks at their hips, anyway?

Heritage Chorale concert today... I have to miss the Arties for it and I am veeery upset about that T_T... I really enjoy the arties and whatnot and I have to sing Dururflé's Requiem, Vaughn Williams' Five Mystical Songs and a bunch of Russian church music. My voice is a little tired and all that so I am not looking forward to it, even though the Dururflé sounds super neat.

Gosh, this piece on Pandora is sooo pretty! Sibelius' Symphony No. 6 is very pretty!!! I have no idea what movement it is because new!Pandora is a pain/doesn't work as well for me but what I'm hearing is pretty nice.

Speaking of Sibelius, Brandon and Evan tried to install Sibelius 6 for me and things did not work out. Sad existence. I was really hoping it would work out because I don't want to live in the music building forever, you know. I would have preferred to stay in my room or the library or any other place that ISN'T the Music Lab from Hell...

I was looking at old entries and they were pretty amusing. I make myself laugh (which is stupid, I know) but I enjoyed reading from November 9th until February. It was coming up to finals then, too, and then it went into Christmas break. What's funny is that in the November 19th, 2008 entry, I wrote about our orchestration project. Here's what I said:

"Oh, today we had our orchestration/arranging project read-throughs. We played 23 versions of the same piano piece. I think mine sounded really nice but only a couple people mentioned it as one they liked. The instrumentalists liked it more that the listeners (which, I guess I appreciate more). STILL, JERKS, THE REST OF THEM! They all liked the "popular" peoples' arrangments..."

I can't believe we had 23 people in that class! And the piece was muuuuch longer than this semester's class! Ridic.

I both want and do not want to put my recital on youtube but at the same time I'd REALLY rather not... I don't need jackasses telling me how I'm ugly or fat or sing horribly BECAUSE I'VE GOTTEN COMMENTS LIKE THAT BEFORE. I respond with a polite message, block and report the person for being an asshole. Just last week I got a message on youtube that said "YOUR UGLY AND ANNOYING" and I responded with "Thanks for your kindness - you're intelligent and delightful" or something like that (whatever I sent was better than what I just wrote, haha...) Anyway, I try not to let the comments about my appearance get to me (and I'm pretty much over it...) but I have not gotten any negative comments about my singing. I would sort of like to keep it that way... I want to share my recital and I want people to be able to comment but I don't want any rude people that will comment on my pitch or mistakes I make. If I was going to post it, I would feel that I needed to list all the mistakes so that no one could say anything rude about it because I've already covered all my bases! THEN IF I DO THAT, THEN PEOPLE WILL KNOW THEY'RE THERE IF THEY WEREN'T LISTENING AND I JUST ("DON'T KNOW ANYMORE!") CAN'T DEAL WITH THAT SORT OF THING!!!!!!!!1!!!1!

Daaaarn, it is WAAAY too late... Time for sleeeeeep. I have to get up earlier than I would have liked for a Saturday today because a friend's visiting girlfriend needs to use our floor's shower for some reason at like, 10 AM. Precisely, I hope, because I don't want to be waiting for this chick any longer than 10 minutes... Any time longer than that is time I could have been sleeping. I really don't want to go back to sleep but I might just be that lazy. I have stuff to do, though, so I hope I stay up!

I just remembered more things to talk about so I will list them super quick!

1. We have a mouse in the room! We haven't seen him but he chewed the extra bed post next to my desk. He also hasn't been back all week, so I am thankful.

2. I am siiiick! It bites! A cold! I thought Bliese gave it to me, but now that I think about it (because Michael pointed it out to me) it was probably Julie. It's fine... My nose just looks raw and I sneeze a lot and my nose runs and I feel icky all the time, like I'm going to faint or DIE or something... I'll get over it soon but it's REALLY horrible timing, just sayin'...




Let me tell you about them.

They are quite fun and I purchased some at IMEA this weekend.

Here is what they look like:

The Telephone - Menotti
*pops out of nowhere*

Check out my new youtube video of the spring honor's recital...

"Hello! Margaret, It's You" from The Telephone
Gian Carlo Menotti (1911-2007)

April 23, 2009

Megan Glass, soprano
Michael Weil, piano

*As usual, sorry for the poor quality. There's a slight lag in the video but it's so blurry you can't see anyway, haha! I wanted to set up a tripod but... didn't. :) You get the idea!


I absolutely NEED to get this Kodaly assignment done so I can go to sleep and get up at 8 to shower... Ugh. I'm just burnt out from school. No more. Let it end.


I need to cry again... maybe Thursday night after we pack the truck for tour... Oh, tour... ><;

I need a hug.


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