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Yarn Craft
So I've been on a knitting crocheting kick since Friday.  Nicole taught me and I've caught on pretty quickly, I think!  So far, I have made 2.8 crochet projects.  This summer I've only knitted once and it was a tiny hippo I started last summer, lol...

Firstly was my tiny hippo, who is still without a name.

Then was my octopus.  I frogged it so there's no picture.  I frogged it for several reasons:
  1. I found a cuter pattern
  2. Faith needed to use my needles
  3. I couldn't find my other needles for Faith to use
Next, I went to McHenry to stay the weekend with Nicole for Keri's bridal shower.  She taught me to crochet with this pattern and I came up with this:

He's not done yet because I didn't have stuffing.  However, since then I've started using plastic shopping bags to stuff and I might do that when I get back to my apartment.

After that I made a golden snitch all by myself!  The first wing I made turned out funny but the second was beautiful so I made a third and tossed the first one.

The one I just finished this morning is a Monstie!  He's super cute and his name is Freddie :)

The rest of my finished projects from Ravelry are below so check it out!  :)
In other news, I'm feeling a little better but... people are still difficult.  That is all.  :P

I'll post more yarn stuff as it happens.  :D

 Still lonely.  And frustrated.


I'm lonely.

Time Flies

I'm just so tired and drained.

I am still working on homework from May Term. I am finding it so hard to figure out. This damn iPhone is not helping either. It's even easier to procrastinate than before.

Anyway, I felt like reminiscing for a bit. I was listening to music on shuffle and something I did when I was 16 came up on my iTunes. I listened to it and decided to listen to the other stuff from LSM. It's fun to hear how much I've improved on flute and voice since I was 15 and 16. It doesn't seem like that long ago but it really is. I went to LSM in 2003 and it's 2010. Almost 10 years ago. Not really but almost. I'm hoping that Doc decides to do LSM next year so I can go and be a counselor/intern. :D

Time to get back to work. Religion lesson plans are so hard!!!

Writer's Block: Do-over!
If you were given a life do-over card, would you keep it or give it to a friend? If you kept it, would you prefer to be born to the same or different parents? Would you want to keep your memories?

This is hard - I think I would try to redo it, but keep other choices I had the same, if they reappeared.  Everything would be different, then, I know, so it wouldn't be exactly the same.  I would probably take chances I didn't take before and work harder with my grades and stuff.  I would keep my memories from before because otherwise I wouldn't know what to change - it would be a guidebook of what to do and not to do.

Oh...  but now that I think about it, some things I would want to change would not make me the same person (like all of the people I've met and my parents [who I would have kept anyway :P]) so...  This makes it more complicated.  It's probably best to leave things as they are.

I had a really nice dream the other night (no, I'm not sharing :P)

It was very realistic and I thought that it was real life, of course. I had a rude awakening when I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night. I was really upset when I realized it was just a dream. I feel like it wasn't one of those dreams when you control what happens but things seem to happen on their own. I wish I could dream it again - maybe I will tonight...

PS: This reads like a second grade story you'd find in a grade school hallway - haaa. :P

Writer's Block: Mega Bite
If you could own a restaurant, what type of food would you serve, and what would you call it?

I would probably start by making it a German restaurant.  There would be all the Glass family recipes and some we'd heard about/always wanted to try but didn't...  After a few years, I would probably consider adding some non-German food that we always liked, but somehow try and tie it into the German subject area.  After there were a few new additions to the menu, I might add other options that had nothing at all to do with German stuff.  This would be unpopular with our regular customers but we'd do it anyway.  Eventually, people would forget that we started as a German restaurant but that would be okay because the food was still there.  On the website there would be a history page and tell about our family and the origins of the restaurant, too, so that wouldn't be too bad, either.

Writer's Block: Mark my words
What gives your life special meaning and purpose? Do you think it's important to leave a lasting mark on the world? If so, what form do you think this will take?

Music gives my life meaning and purpose.  I would hope that I would make an impression on the world...  It's tough to say which way I would prefer: as a teacher or a performer.

There is a possibility of me touching the lives of many students as a music teacher.

On the other hand, I could become a famous singer or flute player, then I would be respected and possibly known all over the world (hypothetically, of course :P)

Being a teacher is soo much more likely than a professional musician, but I can try to do both...  I'm not looking for fame, but I'll take complements.  ;)

 So, tonight I had homework.  I did what I needed to for tomorrow.  YES.  This is good.

With homework being done, I was looking forward to hanging out with friends tonight and... it didn't happen...  We were going to go to a movie but then they cancelled last minute.

After that, I tried implying that I wanted to hang out with people and they didn't get the hint.  Do I need to invite myself places?  I don't like inviting myself.

I wrote more but deleted it.  It's better that way.  :)


Writer's Block: Mind reader
In three words, describe what's currently running through your mind.

piano, new job, homework - runner up: friends  :P


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