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Yarn Craft
So I've been on a knitting crocheting kick since Friday.  Nicole taught me and I've caught on pretty quickly, I think!  So far, I have made 2.8 crochet projects.  This summer I've only knitted once and it was a tiny hippo I started last summer, lol...

Firstly was my tiny hippo, who is still without a name.

Then was my octopus.  I frogged it so there's no picture.  I frogged it for several reasons:
  1. I found a cuter pattern
  2. Faith needed to use my needles
  3. I couldn't find my other needles for Faith to use
Next, I went to McHenry to stay the weekend with Nicole for Keri's bridal shower.  She taught me to crochet with this pattern and I came up with this:

He's not done yet because I didn't have stuffing.  However, since then I've started using plastic shopping bags to stuff and I might do that when I get back to my apartment.

After that I made a golden snitch all by myself!  The first wing I made turned out funny but the second was beautiful so I made a third and tossed the first one.

The one I just finished this morning is a Monstie!  He's super cute and his name is Freddie :)

The rest of my finished projects from Ravelry are below so check it out!  :)
In other news, I'm feeling a little better but... people are still difficult.  That is all.  :P

I'll post more yarn stuff as it happens.  :D

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Very happy I found your site. Will note it and return for more info.

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